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Transform with DONE FOR YOU 

workouts for less than $1/day🔥

$22 / Month

$220 / Year

It's time to rethink your workouts.

The ChabskyFit - Lift with Luba app provides fun and effective workouts with minimal equipment, designed to keep you challenged – regardless of your fitness level!

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Are you tired of...

✨ Working out consistently but never seeing real results or changes to your body

✨ Spending so much time PLANNING your workouts that you never actually implement them

✨  Feeling overwhelmed about lifting weights and reverting back to cardio even though you know it won’t lead to results

✨ Falling off the wagon every few weeks because you lack structure, community, and support

Are you ready to...

✨ Get the results you’ve been WANTING without spending 90+ minutes every single workout 

✨ Maximize your time AND progress so you can see results while living your best (and busy) life

✨ Have a tried and true game plan, structure, and support so you can finally stay ON the wagon this time and see sustainable results

✨ Lose fat and tone up with a DONE FOR YOU workout strategy so you know you’re always on the right track


Meet Your Coach

Hi beautiful human!

I'm Luba and I teach women how to become stronger from the inside out - creating a Fit

Body, Mind, Heart & Soul.

Here's an inside look of the app!

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There is no complicated workout chart, no excessive equipment list, and no gym membership required!


➡️ Your choice of 3, 4, or 5 day a week workout programming so you can easily fit your workouts into your busy schedule 

➡️ Your choice of program - Resistance Bands - DBs Only - Gym (machines & barbell)

➡️ Access to my ChabskyFIT Coaching app so you know EXACTLY what to do each workout via exercise video demos, rest timers, and a progressive overload tracker

➡️ Quick start guide teaching you the basics of training and how to track your progress so you know you’re always on the right track

➡️ Monthly yoga classes to follow from the comfort of your home.

➡️ An exclusive Facebook group and invitations to monthly live trainings so you can get ALL of your workout + progress questions answered by professional and experienced coaches


⭐️ VIP UPGRADE OPTION: The new VIP upgrade option includes the Fit and Balanced Coaching Course for life. This course is full of on demand modules teaching you on mindset, training, nutrition, and lifestyle hacks for ongoing progress.


Start lifting and see how easy, fun, and effective these workouts can be!

Cancel Anytime

One-Time Payment


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Minimal Equipment

No Gym Membership?

No Problem!

Learn how to work with essential tools like a bench, a few pairs of dumbbells (or resistance bands with handles & mini-bands), and see how effective they are for you and your body!

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Flexible Schedule

These workouts are there for you to complete whenever you're ready. Conquer your workouts while balancing your time with your family, friends, and career – regardless of your schedule!

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Effective & Efficient

We use progressive principles to gradually increase of stress placed on the body during training: without an increase in different variables your muscles aren’t forced to respond and grow. In order for your muscle to respond, there has to be a repeated stimulus which is why we repeat the same movements during our 4-5 week splits. 

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Prevent Boredom

Doing the same routine with the same exercise every time can be boring and frustrating. Not anymore! You'll get 5 brand new workouts each month to keep you motivated and focused!

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Anytime & Anywhere

These workouts can be done anywhere, anytime! Whether you're at home, traveling for work, or going on a vacation – you can get your movement in with no excuses!

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Gain exclusive access to the online community for accountability and support. You'll get to build amazing friendships, ask questions, and increase your rate of success by up to 42%!

Learn to LOVE Lifting & the results will come!

This app is designed to give you challenging, effective and time efficient workouts with minimal equipment, regardless of your fitness level!

Click the button below to get started and we'll see you on the inside!

$22 / month

Cancel Anytime

$18.50 / month

One-Time Payment

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