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Lift With Luba

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Become Strong From the Inside Out,

creating a FIT Mind, Body, Heart & Soul


Hey, I’m Luba

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

I'm a former National level synchronized swimmer and performer turned  Women's Transformation & Lifestyle Coach!


Since my childhood, I have loved physical activity and challenging my body and mind to be my best self! 


I've completed American Counsel of Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer courses as well as the 200h Yoga Teacher Training.


My goal is for you to never need another program, trainer, or anything after working with me. Are you ready to be Stronger & Empowered in every aspect of your life!

You can read my story just push the button below....

The Ultimate Method to Transform Your Life!

At Lift With Luba, I offer personalized 1-on-1 online fitness coaching programs that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain strength, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, my coaching programs will help you transform your life.

My goal is to help you become Strong From The Inside Out, creating a FIT mind, body, heart, and soul. Let's work together to create a healthier and happier you!

Happy Clients:

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